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Camberwell Dental Centre is engaged in an ongoing accreditation process endorsed by the Australian Dental Association. The accreditation is an elective, thorough and exhaustive assessment by an independent body (QIP) validating our systems and processes ensuring that our patients receive the optimum care in a safe, caring and advanced dental practice.
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Whether you need preventive family dental care or it’s time to improve the appearance of your smile, our team is here to help.

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Your smile can tell so much about you and sometimes imperfections can have an impact on your confidence and the way you smile. We at Camberwell Dental Centre work with you using the most up to date dental techniques; from preventative programs to the latest cosmetic treatments in order to create a smile, you will be proud of.

We as a team, pride ourselves in providing each and every one of our patients with the finest care, services and treatment. We endeavour to make all treatment as smooth and effortless as possible which helps even the most nervous patients to feel relaxed and at ease when visiting us.

Call our Camberwell Dentist Today at (03) 9836 8270 for your Appointment

Call our Camberwell Dentist Today for your Appointment